To provide the best possible Professional & Technical education to ambitious young men and women all over India through computer education program, aspiring to take up executive positions in the managerial and technical cadre.

To make our nation a Computer Literate nation not only by educating the Rural India along with the urban population.

To provide education to every income group so that every economy class can afford the expensive computer education.

To increase contribution of women in the field of IT by providing the computer education at affordable cost.

To build computer literate villages in every district of India.

To awake the youth to be apart of the Computer literate Society.

To develop appropriate managerial and technical expertise and skills to face the emerging competitive situation in India and abroad.

To promote national sufficiency and to build up the economic strength of the country.

To promote the social and moral well being of the community and to mitigate the privations and hardships of it’s less favored sections.

To draw out the available unused time, energy and other resources of the people and direct into various fields of social and economical activities.

To find and develop avenues of voluntary service for the citizens of India.